I can love you even at your darkest...

You've heard me say it before...

“The Universe has your back.”

But what about times when you’re feeling lost.

I mean really lost…









Sadder than you ever imagined possible.

Feeling like you are carrying the Universe on your back.

For in this life, we must take turns being wounded and being healed.

Switching roles only on those days that end in “y.”

I can feel it for you…

Like breathing and holding your breath.

Like shuttering and unshuttering.

This space in your heart closing, opening, undulating, whispering in weeping gasps.

For we must become experienced in the deepest losses of life.

And enter them willingly or forcibly so.

And repeatedly engage our heart in the meteoric turbulence that lies within.

For it is when our external worlds seemingly collapse around us, that we learn…

What soldiers know…We must fire through the tears.

What ballerinas practice…We must dance through the pain.

Or as the Dalai Lama teaches…We must keep our hearts open in hell.

And when the loss around you feels unbearable, and moving forward feels unforgiving in the landscape of this particular terrain…

Ask yourself this simple question, “What is right in front of me that needs my attention most?”

Start there.

Breathe deep.

And give into that attention.

And know that you are making broken look beautiful.

And the Universe on your back looks like wings.

And never forget...

I can love you even at your darkest.


Spreading my love when your heart aches most,