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Ultimate Breakthrough Vibrantly Inspired Package (VIP)

•   If you have long-term, creative goals to reach, you will benefit from the weekly coaching sessions available with the Ultimate Breakthrough VIP. 

•   With the Ultimate Breakthrough Package, you'll get a personalized coaching plan where we work together on reaching your goals.

•   This package is perfect for you if you're in the process of birthing a new vision, project, or chapter in your life and you want to be ultimately supported in your endeavors.

•   This package is also perfect for you if you struggle with time, discipline, accountability, and getting things done.  Did you know research indicates you are up to 9 times more productive when you share your accountability with a partner (Boice, 2000)? I'll be that loving, I've got your back Accountability Partner for you. Think..."I'm done procrastinating! I'm ready for creating! It's my time!"

•   This offering is more than a shot in the arm of inspiration, it's about helping you create a life worth living.

•   You’ll get four 45-minute sessions by phone (one each week). Each week, I'll share with you my most powerful exercises, strategies, tool, tips, or resources to get you to achieving your goals and get you to where you want to be in your life.

•   My proven techniques will get you vibrantly inspired today and keep you inspired always. 


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Praise from my clients...

“Dominique is much more than a wonderful writing coach! She has a unique ability to zero in on strengths and weaknesses and specifically target her instruction or advice to fit the needs of her clients and/or students. I first met her as a professor and we have transitioned our relationship into a confidant and coach. She has the ability to understand the emotional context behind writing and build you up as a person and a writer. I am much more confident, competent, and creative because of her teaching style. Our last session helped me secure a high level - writing intensive - professional position. I have and will continue to recommend her to anybody who is looking for help with his or her writing.”
— Meghan Hokom Stapleton, PhD candidate at a Prestigious Research University

“As a writer, I was struggling to prioritize my writing time over other aspects of my job, such as doing agent and editor research and keeping up with writing blogs. Dominique provided me with just the tool I needed to keep track of my writing time and helped me find ways to proceed quickly into writing. She also kept me on track and accountable for my time and work with weekly check-ins. Dominique’s coaching is both motivational and practical; she always listened carefully to my concerns and provided multiple resources to address them. With her support, I met my goal of having six picture book manuscripts ready in time for a major writing conference.”
— Melanie Ellsworth, Picture Book Author

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