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Inspiring Breakthrough Creativity Package —Need a one time coaching Session? 

•   If you’re stalled and need a specific plan for getting you through to a finished product, this Inspiring Breakthrough Creativity package is for you!

•   You’ll get one 45-minute coaching call designed to supercharge you, your creativity, and your creative project.  Additional minutes can be added to this package for an additional charge.

•   This package is perfect for if you have one main project (or goal) you wish to laser focus on. During our session, we’ll plan and map the completion of one BIG goal—for example, getting your copy written on a specific project, getting your most pressing to do's figured out, tips for reconnecting you to your creativity, or helping you plan where to go next with your creative pursuits.

•   You’ll get thoughtful ways to think about what’s blocking you and how to get unblocked fast.

•   If you have copy or text that actually needs to be written, we'll screen share, so I can help you craft your ideas and actually get the copy written right then and there!  We'll get clear on your message, so your words will dazzle others and let them know you've arrived.  Imagine getting beyond the struggle of trying to formulate your ideas and the challenge of getting your copy written to having a trusted, helpful resource who can coach you through to a done document!

•   Or sometimes you just need a heart-centered hour spent discussing your creativity and your desire to have a wild, amazing, creative life.  Sometimes it's about getting a project back on track, but other times it's about struggling with creativity in other areas of your life. Do you feel like you've lost your creative spark?  Wondering where your creativity went? If you just need someone to talk to in an honest, loving, have I told you how much I care about you and let's get your creativity back kind of way, this 45-minute session is perfect for you too!

Please contact me directly to inquire about this package.

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Praise from my clients...

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“I had the privilege and honor to work with the amazing Dominique Chlup, she was gracious enough to help me in a pinch work on the description of my TV show. She was just as she seems here, friendly, professional and wowzers her brilliance and intelligence was astounding. I highly suggest using her if you need to be trained and coached through writing copy, I learned so much in one hour.”
— Belinda Ginter, Host of a “New You with Belinda Ginter,” TV show

“How much could a 1- or 2-hour coaching visit possibly accomplish? Not much, right? Wrong.

About a year ago, I was in the midst of writing my Ph.D. dissertation. No, scratch that. I had just finished a huge analysis task, but still had to write nearly all the dissertation. And several additional non-writing tasks loomed ahead, just as daunting as the first. Unsure where to start, I dabbled, flitting from one task to another. I was floundering—staying busy but going nowhere.

Desperate and scared, I asked Dominique for help organizing my to‑do list.

A gracious analyst: that describes Dominique at our session. She probed for a detailed inventory of my remaining writing and non-writing tasks, and asked questions such as “What would make you feel less anxious?” “What would make you feel you’ve accomplished something?” She helped me create a plan and also an accountability system to keep me on track.

I’m a math person. I know that rate*time equals progress. Dominique convinced me that math is trumped by less tangible factors—community, anxiety, motivation, fear, and momentum.

Dominique Chlup is a rare find: an extremely busy and efficient person who does not make you feel like a lazy inefficient dunce. If you are in a funk with your writing or struggling to regain your creative mojo, a few coaching sessions with Dominique will get you unstuck.”
— Dr. Jennifer Travis, Successful PhD graduate from a prestigious Research 1 University

Interested in the Inspiring Breakthrough Creativity Coaching Session? Feel free to contact me directly!

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