What are you wishing for in this moment...

What are you wishing for in this moment…

Right here.

Right now.

What do you desire most?

Close your eyes.

Think about it.

And then Wish Big!

Is it…?

For the book project to be done and for you to be sitting in your favorite bookstore with your very own copy pulled from the shelf.

For the grant to be funded easily and endlessly.

For the article to be accepted straight out without revisions.

For graduation to be in sight.

For the new job to materialize and be yours.

For the new dream client to land unexpectedly in your lap.

For the art gallery owner to find you and offer you a show.

For the performance to be flawless.

For the music to be sung just right.

For every “wack-a-do” idea you’ve had this past year to manifest into gold.

For the business to finally take off, so you can quit your day job, rather than quit your day dream.

For your creativity to return.

For your imagination to run wild and take flight.

Or maybe it’s a bit more simple…

Maybe you’re wishing for…

A good night sleep where the baby, puppy, or partner doesn’t wake you.

For the sun to start shining.

For the rain to abate.

Or maybe you’re longing for the heat to shift and the breeze to come in.

For lightning to strike in a bottle.

For the door of change to open.

Or maybe it’s a grand, Miracle type wish you’re longing for.

Please heal my heart and let me finally find my Soulmate love.

Please heal my illness.

Please heal my loved one’s illness.

Please restore my faith in humanity.

Bring us peace to this world.

Bring us love in an instant.

Whatever it is that you’re wishing for in this moment…

Just know I’m right here alongside of you wishing it with you too.

Let the magic in.

And together…when we wish, just know 1+1=Infinity.

So let’s say it together:

“Dear eyelashes, dandelions, pennies, shooting stars, 11:11, rainbows, four leaf clovers, necklaces turned backwards, birthday candles, we’re ready for you to do your job effortlessly and brilliantly.”

Now here’s to being ready to open and receive with a joy-filled, grateful heart.

So, as always, here’s to your deepest, grandest wish coming true.


And just know, I’m wishing right alongside you,



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