You've been waiting for this...

Here’s to the moment you’ve been waiting for…

And while it might seem as if no one prepared you for this moment…

I’ve been right here waiting alongside you to welcome the extraordinary in its own time.

I’ve been right here next to you, as you’ve been designing your future.

Weaving your story.

Dreaming greatness into being.

Creating something out of nothing.

And here it is in real time.

Right on time.

The baby has arrived all joyful and is perfect and blissed out like babies are meant to be.

Your loved one has learned she’s strong enough to finally have the surgery.

Just know all is well.  All will be well.

The dream job has manifested itself (finally!) after years and years of trying and fearing it would never work out quite right!

And now you’re making plans to move to the city, the cabin in the woods, the suburbs, or to the sands of the ocean just like you’ve been dreaming about (here’s to living the saltwater soul life).

You have spent the last several months applying for your first job out of graduate school.

You got not one, not two, not three, but multiple amazing offers. 

All of your heart work has paid off.

You traveled far to attend that magical event where you met your hero/shero, your intellectual crush, and they turned out to be just as magnificent as you ever imagined. 

Even a tad bit better. 

And you’re thrilled to learn they like you…they really, really, really like you.

The acceptance letter for the doctoral program you’ve been coveting arrived late in the night.

And you can’t quit staring at it, knowing that it doesn’t quite seem real yet.

You have been waiting for this…

The defense is successfully over and behind you.

And you will never tire of hearing, “Congrats, Dr.!”

The gallery show is scheduled and the champagne has been ordered to toast in the night.

The article submission was successful. 

Really, really successful.

Put that bullhorn to your lips, and let the world know that your work is appearing in a top tier journal—the best in your field.

The grant—the really, really big one—is finally yours!

You’re getting settled in and ready to get comfortable in your new life.

Within a day, a week, a month, a year suddenly life has gotten so dang good!

You’re pinching yourself.

You’re flying high, photographing the moon just to see if maybe it’ll turn out (you know how hard it is to photograph the moon).

You have dreamed your greater world into being.

You hoped against hope.

You wished on a 1000 candles.

And here it is…

Life is preciously perfect in this moment.

It’s real.

It’s finally happening just as you dreamed and imagined it always would.

Love it.

Live it.

Breathe it.

Believe it.

And never doubt it again.

It turns out that Rumi got it right…

The very thing you were seeking was also seeking you.

So go ahead celebrate this moment widely and wildly.

Capture it all and try never to forget it.

Don’t take it for granted.

Take advantage of it.

Because I’m right here beside you.

As thrilled as you are at this magical turn of events, for isn’t this just the greatest?

Just know I knew all along that this moment was coming. 

This moment that you’ve been waiting for…

Holding your breath for…

And here it is!

You’ve been waiting for this…

And you are worth every glorious moment of celebration. 

Sweetheart, you have earned this.

And I’m standing in your corner choking back tears as I think of how far you’ve come and all that you’ve accomplished.

What was meant for you has finally arrived!


Pinching you & celebrating your success,



P.S. The last two weeks really has had some of the most incredible things come true for my loved ones and my clients.  Each example above is a real life one.  It’s been raining all good things.  So I hope your own life is filled with dreams coming true in this instant.  And that you have much to be thankful for!   

And if you’ve ever considered investing in yourself and signing up for 1-on-1 coaching with me, now is the time.  I’m booking now for the summer.  Get in touch, and we’ll find the time to make plans together to make your dreams come true too.

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