Here's the thing I've been meaning to tell you...

In life, you have to allow yourself to be beautifully broken open sometimes.

Or else just know you will unexpectedly be forced to shed. 

Broken open or shed…

Either way, at times, the thing that was, is no longer.

The question then becomes do you grapple and try to hold onto forever?

Clinging to the thing that was?

Or do you let your fingers open, releasing your fierce grip, and raising your hand in a gesture of loving gratitude?

Do you embrace an uncertain future?

Cherish changing times?

Root yourself in transitions?

Burrow in and listen with gentle ears to the stirrings of your heart?

Find a tempo that beats a solo rhythm that only you need to dance to?

Do you give yourself the chance to listen beneath the turbulence that is your life and hear the declarations that are waiting for you if only you can get still enough to appreciate them?

Do you let yourself unfold into this new, unexpected, yet brilliant life? 

Or do you stand there staring at the door of happiness that has closed?

I think you know the answer…


When you’re ready, sweetheart, open your heart…

Move inside of it.

Learn to live in its deepest recesses.

Decide to stay here for a while.

For this is the thing I’ve been meaning to tell you…

Broken open or shed, your heart remains the space of pure possibilities and infinite love.

For love truly is everywhere.


From my heart to yours,