Here’s what I’m appreciating about you in this moment…

On the days when you break like glass, crumble like sand, and fall from Cloud 9, you still lead with love in your heart.

You forgive yourself for thinking you were out of the woods only to find that the clearing was nowhere in sight.

You are perpetual light always shining like the sun.

For you never say, “You owe me.”

Instead, you love like how the sun loves without needing or wanting or asking for anything in return.

Simply rising each and every day and being there.

Like how your breath breathes and your heart beats…

You are consciously loving all.

And look at what happens with a love like that—a love like the sun—it lights the whole sky. 

So keep being the sun.

Keep looking past everyone else’s woundings to see the gifts they’ve been giving the Universe.

When you think of giving up, don’t.

Know when to stay.

For you know life is about falling down 8 times getting up 9.

Yet, more importantly, know when to walk away.

Even if it rips you into a million pieces.

You don’t settle for good or even for great when you could have spectacular, amazing, dazzling.

Rather than banging your head against the wall, you rise above it all.

You know you only have one life to live, so you don’t lie awake in bed at night worrying about how others will judge you.

See you.

Criticize you.

You learned a long time ago…

If you want happiness in this life, you need to release the tentacles of insecurity that make you feel indebted to what others are thinking about you.

You stand on your own and send running all of the insecurities that keep you stuck in a bad relationship, toxic job, unfulfilling friendships, chasing old worn out dreams and visions.

You practice standing in your truth and living your one and only true life with grace and in integrity to yourself.

You are willing to risk big and step into the life you have waiting for you on the other side of the roar of insecurity, self-doubt, guilt, feelings of not being good enough.

You use all of this energy to get down to the art of creating.

Creating your best life possible.

Creating your masterpieces.

Creating Y.O.U.

You know the only time you’ve ever gotten into an accident was when you were going in reverse.

You learned that lesson well.

From this day on, you are only about going forward.

So when the other shoe finally drops, you survive it just fine.

You find that you will be fine.

And when the rejection comes, when the bee stings, the dog bites, the love leaves, the pain feels unbearable, you know you’re simply being stretched and growing to your next rung of greatness.

For as you were once wisely taught…

“Rejection is not someone or something wanting you out of their life. 

Rather it is someone or something that the Universe wanted out of your future.”

(At least for now.)

Time can’t stand still, so the Universe knows how to protect you.

You aren’t chained to a past.

You are standing hand in hand with the present, facing toward to a magnificent future.

And you know that when darkness has covered all of your light, there is still great love to be found.

And as a result of all of that love, you commit yourself to the full empowerment of everyone around you.

You champion the definition of power from mathematics—multiplying a quantity by itself.

Raising that quantity to a second, third, even a fourth power.

You commit to assisting everyone to multiply their energy, their creativity, their power, their love, their essence, their life in this way.

So when the great lessons of the Universe come your way, you release your addiction to the hard path and ask the Universe to stretch and grow you in gentle, loving, empowering ways.

You recognize to choose the gentler, sloping, loving path where you don’t have to suffer to learn.

You are committed to learning in ways that are loving to yourself and others.

For even in your most hollow, fragile, tender, rawest of moments, you’re still stronger than most.

You’re learning just how resilient you can truly be.

So keep softening your heart, dissolving your own woundings.

And trust me, in time, all of your love.

All of your kindness.

Never once being cruel.

Never once reaching out to hurt after you’ve been hurt…Just knowing how to love unconditionally…

You’ll start to see all of that love come back to you endlessly.

All in due time.


Appreciating all of you in this moment and always,


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