The gift I promised you...

Recently Dr. Jane Karwoski (a.k.a Dr. J)  invited me to be a guest on her highly popular and informative podcast The Social Network Show.
In the show, titled "Stress-free Creating," we explore:

  • What creativity coaching is and how everyone can benefit from it.
  • A key technique for asking yourself the powerful questions to get you from wanting to work on a project to actually getting started.
  • The one practice you can start immediately to re-energize you and your projects.
  • My “recipe” for crafting calm and getting yourself to a state of being “Just Whelmed.” (Thanks Dr. Meggin McIntosh for introducing me to the idea of being “Just Whelmed” years ago.  Yes, Meggin is the coach I refer to in my interview!).

And you have absolutely no excuse not to listen as below are a host of ways for you to access the podcast and download it for FREE.

I hope you enjoy listening!  And as always, I'd love to hear what you think.  Leave me a comment below!

And if you’re looking for your weekly dose of inspiration from my love notes, please know my latest one will be on its way to you soon!
As always, inspiring the creative within,