You are so deeply loved

I understand.

All this talk of love.

You find it hard to hear it.

To accept it.

To receive it.

To allow it into your life.

You shift uncomfortably when things turn to affirming words of love.

Of your greatness.

Of your worthiness.

Of all that you mean.

To me.

To others.

To yourself.

I get it.

A simple “thank you” feels like enough.

More praise than that and you shift uncomfortably.

Your heart strains to close under the weight of the compliment.

It can’t possibly be true?

Even if it is, you feel, “I don’t need to hear it.”

I’m going to resist hearing it, feeling it, accepting it, allowing it into my life.

But what if it’s all true?

What if you are magnificent beyond compare?

What if you are the best thing since sliced bread?

What if your uniqueness is lighting up someone’s corner of the universe, and you’re only too far away, too closed off to hear it?

What if your writing is changing the world?

What if your business is inspiring others to greatness?

What if your art is making someone weepy with the sheer power of it?

What if your music is shaking up nations and getting them on their feet?

What if you’re missing out on the greatest lovefest of all time?

Imagine it for a second.

Feel it for a minute.

Live in this space until at least the count of ten.

Can you breathe it in?

Live it.

Be it.

So let the love in.

Especially, if you’re hurting.

When you’re hurting.

Let the love in.

I’m here holding your hand through it all.

And I’m not just whispering sweet nothings.

I’m shouting your greatness from the rooftops with a megaphone.

I’m telling you to imagine all that you can be.

I’m telling you to love.

I’m telling you to feel.

I’m telling you to believe it.

And on the days when you are resisting it most, I'm telling you to repeat as often as necessary, “I, insert your own full name, am loved.”

For you are loved.

So very deeply loved.