And then this happened...

You know that thing that happened…

You know the one that has left you unable to create.

The one that is keeping the writing from flowing.

The one that is keeping your art locked inside of you.

The one that is causing you to stare at nothing for two straight hours.

You know the one that has left you in pieces, spiraling hard, downward and upward.

The one making you feel raw, frayed, tender, and emotional.


I know in this moment it must feel like life is shattering.

Your heart is straining to close.

Yes, that thing that has happened.  

Whether it happened today, yesterday, or will happen tomorrow…it’s the thing that’s keeping you from creating.

You know the one I mean…

The writing that has been rejected. Yet again.

The artwork you feel is ruined.

The music that isn't music to your ears.

The feedback that was oh so much less than helpful.

The colleague who you thought you could trust who has just betrayed you.

The feeling of being thrown under the bus.

That friend that has wrecked you.

The friendship that is now over.

The loved one that has hurt your feelings. Again.

The Facebook post that would have been better off left unread.

The job that has left you.

The interview you wish had gone better.

The new job that just never seems to arrive.

The promise you just realized your boss is never going to keep.

The decision you made months ago but still aren’t able to act on.

The decision you just can’t seem to make.

The waiting for love to show up.

The counting of days until you're together.

The waiting for love to leave.

The counting of days until things get better.

The call that never comes.

The text that is still unanswered.

The email that you wonder if they ever received.

The feeling invisible. 

The feeling too visible.

Yet again.  You are here.  In this moment.

Oh, that thing that has happened.

DEEP. Sighs!

I know it feels like your heart is breaking.


And again.

I can feel the weight of your heart straining to close.

Closing itself off to all possibilities.

Abandoning all hope of creating.

In this moment, can I ask you to keep your heart open?

For just a little while longer.

See that straining. 

That pulling.

That pushing.

Is not your heart straining to close. 

It’s your heart straining to break open.

To break open again and again until it stays open.

So in this moment, when the creating feels so very far away, and when the strain of your heart is real, just know that I’m strong enough for the both of us.

I’m opening my heart wide enough to carry your creations, imaginings, and dreams within my own.

My heart is strong enough to handle the small and big things that are looming large to you.

So no matter what happened.

Whether you’re feeling it today, were feeling it yesterday, or will be feeling it tomorrow…

Just know I am here, with two shoulders to cry on and two hands to hold yours in mine.

You can lay it all on me.

And when you’re ready to begin again…

When the imprint of this thing that has happened has left you, I will be here holding open a space for your greatness.

In the meantime, know I’m always sending you the courage to bite the bullet, wishes on stars that come true, and lots and lots of magnificent follow-through.

As always, inspiring the creative within,