Have I Told You that You're a Genius...

So I woke up today, and I couldn’t help thinking about…

You know that thing you did…You know the one that was pure genius?

Yes, that one.

I’m remembering and thinking about it too.

I’m snuggled up with your masterpiece of writing.

Reading every word and memorizing it.

I’m staring in awe at that painting you created.

That color combination right there is taking my breath away.

I’m riveted by the journal article you wrote that is making me rethink all of the scholarship in your field.

You worked hours and hours on that research, and I ache with how beautifully it all turned out.

I’m holding your poem—you know the one that makes me cry—to my chest and feeling the flutter of all that is right and good in the world.

I’m listening on repeat to that song of yours that makes me smile—you know the one that makes me savor the journey I’ve already taken and count the distance I’ve come.

I’m in love with that business idea of yours—you know the one that’s so good it's waking me up in the morning shaking with anticipation.

You know the business idea that has left me with my Mind. Blown.

Oh, my gosh, it’s all so good.

Yes, that genius thing you did…it’s all so good that it’s keeping me up at night.

It’s all pure genius!

Whether it was 5 minutes ago, 5 days ago, 5 months ago, or 5 years ago, I woke up today and couldn’t stop thinking about the genius thing you created.

Your genius-ness is living in your heart, your mind, your fingernails, your eyes, your ears, your soul, on the tip of your tongue—it's living everywhere.

Your genius ability to create is still there. 

I swear it is.

You can’t escape it. 

And why would you want to?

So if I haven’t told you yet for today that you’re a genius, let me take a moment to do it now…You’re pure genius!

And just so you know, I’m dying to see what genius thing you create next.


You know I always read every comment you send my way.

So take a minute to post below and tell me what genius thing you’re working on right now.

When I hear from you, I’ll lovingly send you some awesome free downloadable graphics to keep inspiring the creative within. (I create new ones each week, so if you wrote me last week, write me again!  I love, love, love hearing from you!)

In the meantime, I'm always sending love, light, inspiration, kindness, and moments of pure genius.

Recognizing your genius today and always,