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“I just submitted my second manuscript since attending Dominique’s writing workshop. I am very happy about this! Both of these manuscripts had been stuck for a long time. The workshop has really, really helped my regular writing practice. I also have big writing goals for the summer (and smaller plans about how to accomplish them)! So grateful for this very helpful experience!”
— Dr. Emily Rauschert, Assistant Professor of Plant Ecology, Cleveland State University

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Remember the saying, “When the student is ready to learn, the teacher appears”? That is exactly what I think about every time I attend one of Dominique’s workshops: whatever my need at that particular moment — motivation, getting un-stuck or figuring out in which direction to take my work — Dominique always provides what I need to take the next step (either a breakthrough, validation, or much appreciated motivation and enthusiasm!). By the way, I would much rather these be called “creativity studios”, because “workshop” is an awfully boring and non-descriptive title for something so “alive”! Can’t recommend her work highly or strongly enough, especially for folks considering doing something new, but not sure what…
— Patricia Goodson, Ph.D., Professor, Texas A&M University

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“A breath of fresh air. As cliché as that might sound, if I were to sum up Dominique’s creativity coaching in a few words, it would be that. Entering one of her workshops I had no idea what to expect, though she repeatedly said, “it will feel like taking a nap”. I thought there was no way that could happen, and I certainly didn’t have time for a nap! ;) However, I’m pleased to report that her workshop was just that and more. I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, excited about my work, positive, and calm. The strategies she teaches can help even the most high-strung, type A personality (myself as a perfect example) find peace and joy amidst the chaos of everyday life. Two weeks after the workshop, I am still trying new strategies she recommended and can’t wait to tackle my “get-to-do list” because of her inspiration. She was the oxygen I needed to exceed my own expectations.”
— Tracey S. Hodges, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama

“This workshop was one of the best workshops I have attended in my 9 years at this University. The information learned was invaluable and the speaker [Dr. Dominique Chlup] was incredibly motivating and knowledgeable.”
— Faculty Member, Workshop Participant

“It was all so amazing. This was really amazing and informative.”
— Faculty Member, Workshop Participant

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“Attending Dominique’s workshop allowed me to learn and try many different strategies to awaken my creativity and productivity. Rather than lecturing about each strategy, Dominique gave a quick introduction so we could practice applying the strategy in our own way. This technique allowed us to construct a veritable toolbox of awakening practices. From helping us apply sensory tapping and mixing our own aromatherapy elixirs, she integrated body movements and breathing exercises into our workshop. I left the workshop with an emotional exuberance that has persisted. If you have the chance to attend, don’t delay. You don’t want to miss any of the tools that may transform and increase your productivity.”

— Dr. Omah M. Williams-Duncan

“I think this workshop should be mandatory to every first year doctoral student.”
— PhD Student, Workshop Participant

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“As an academic, being busy is good. However, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. I came to Dominque’s workshop because I had a lot of good things going on but was feeling drained and felt I had no right to complain. Dominique explained that no matter whether events in our lives were positive or negative, they cause stress that eats away at our creative selves. After Dominique’s workshop, I felt validated and renewed, ready to tackle the tasks at hand with a ‘tool kit’ to manage, and perhaps even alleviate, the stress inherent to an academic life.”
— Dr. Katherine Landau Wright, Assistant Professor, Idaho State University

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“The workshop helped me to see that creativity was a choice. Dominique’s thoughtful tour through creativity, as if I was a passenger on a trip, helped me learn methods and strategies I could use to venture back into creativity, which I had lost somewhere along the way in my studies. The clarity of knowing where creativity starts and how and why to carry it through, helped me to see the common as new and exciting, and to experience peace in creativity.”
— Tiberio Garza, Ph.D.

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