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•   If you are looking to transform your life, you will benefit from the incredible attention and time you get with the Extreme Breakthrough Handholding Package.

•   This is like having a coach in your pocket.  Weekly, 60-minute phone calls and unlimited email and text support.

•   This package is perfect for you if you desire extreme handholding, life changing goal setting, planning, interaction, feedback, encouragement, and high-touch support during a high-stress, intense period of your life. Think..."I want the extreme handholding and the care of a skilled coach to reinvent and transform my life." 

•   An example of the benefits of this package…Imagine a client who had not produced any academic writing in almost a year and was in danger of not receiving tenure.  Within nine days of beginning our coaching together, the client had completed the work on two unfinished book chapters and re-submitted a revise and resubmit for a journal publication.  By the end of the semester,  the client was writing regularly and prolifically and had 7 publications under review, accepted, and/or in press.  Clients turn their lives around with this package!

•   This package also includes some incredible bonuses, imagine me hosting an online group meeting for you and your graduate student advisees to help them breakthrough their own blocks to move forward in their own writing.  Or imagine the power of a call with one of your family members to answer their questions about what may be blocking them. Imagine having me on speed dial as you are going into the toughest conversation of your life. (True story:  A client took a break from her meeting with her department head and dean to call me from the bathroom...she went back in there and got everything she wanted and more!)

•   This package is perfect for you if there’s no turning back now…you’ve got major, life changing, creative goals you want to be well on your way to reaching by the end of our coaching.  You are planning to be transformed!

•   Given the high-touch experience of this package, I only have a few, select spots available of this package each month (Please note: some months I have no spots available.)  Trust me, you’ll know when it’s time for this package!

Please contact me directly to inquire about this package.

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Praise from my clients...

“There is a saying in Greek that medicine comes in three forms, love (agapi); friendship (filia), and tenderness (storgi). Dominique offers all three in her coaching and the care-full holding environment that she provided for me to do hard and deep work on bringing my voice onto paper. In our work together, over the past several months, I have learned from Dominique that writing is life giving and life affirming, a framing that I had lost in my race to publish as an academic.

Dominique has given me the gift of soul in writing, and to trust that the soul leads to writing that will be read and have impact. Her passion for holding me in the light of creative possibility as I struggled to bring my voice to paper has been life changing. I look forward to my book, an idea I did not have in my mind when I first began this coaching relationship and one that I will create because of it. Dominique is real, loving, and sharp as a sword though layers of ignorance.”
— Tenure Track Assistant Professor, going up for tenure early at a highly competitive Research 1 University after our coaching.

Interested in the Extreme Breakthrough Handholding Package? Feel free to contact me directly!

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