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I had the privilege and honor to work with the amazing Dominique Chlup... She was just as she seems here, friendly, professional, and wowzers her brilliance and intelligence was astounding. I highly suggest using her if you need to be trained and coached...”
— Belinda Ginter, Success Mindset Expert, Certified Emotional Kinesiologist
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Every call I have with Dominique makes me feel less and less anxious and more and more motivated to not only write but to get control of my entire life! Thank you to Dominique! You are truly a blessing, and I’m so grateful for this whole coaching experience!
— Dr. Wendy C. Regoeczi, Chair, Associate Professor, & Director of the Criminology Research Center, Cleveland State University

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I had a wonderful time working with Dominique. It was quite an honor to have an hour each week with her to work out personal, professional, and writing issues. I had always felt like a failure or an academic imposter before I started working with Dominique. All of that has changed now because she counseled me to change that vision of myself and to rework my internal dialogue.

She gave me so many practical suggestions to work through the fear that led to my procrastination on important writing projects. Furthermore, she provided practical techniques that allowed me to efficiently complete writing tasks that I can now share with my undergraduate and graduate students, as well as, strategies to help manage my time and be more productive. But I could not utilize those valuable techniques unless I also had the emotional practices that allowed me to regain the energy that was being stolen because of other issues present in my life.

Dominique is an amazing spirit who truly cares about all of her clients and is attentive and responsive with all of her correspondence. She is inspiring, and I am grateful for the time spent together. You will not regret working with Dominique.
— Dr. Amanda Soto, Faculty Member, Texas State University

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“I am pleased to report that I got my writing project done and on time! The feedback has been really positive. They thought it was an excellent piece. After our session, everything just flowed! I was feeling so stuck before and all that changed in just one hour! I’m really looking forward to working with you again.”
— Dr. Tamara Henry, Assistant Professor of Religious Education and Youth Ministry, New York Theological Seminary

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“There is a saying in Greek that medicine comes in three forms, love (agapi); friendship (filia), and tenderness (storgi). Dominique offers all three in her coaching and the care-full holding environment that she provided for me to do hard and deep work on bringing my voice onto paper. In our work together, over the past several months, I have learned from Dominique that writing is life giving and life affirming, a framing that I had lost in my race to publish as an academic.

Dominique has given me the gift of soul in writing, and to trust that the soul leads to writing that will be read and have impact. Her passion for holding me in the light of creative possibility as I struggled to bring my voice to paper has been life changing. I look forward to my book, an idea I did not have in my mind when I first began this coaching relationship and one that I will create because of it. Dominique is real, loving, and sharp as a sword though layers of ignorance.”
— Dr. Aliki Nicolaides, Associate Professor, University of Georgia

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Before signing up for coaching with Dominique, I had been working on my novel (read: doing endless outlining and research) for over two years, so fearful of my own expectations that I couldn’t draft more than a fragment per month. My creative process—and by extension, my career and inner life—was coming to a standstill.
I thought I had already tried everything to get myself writing again. I read hundreds of inspirational and instructional articles and dozens of self-help and craft books, journaled through my struggles, took writing classes, and even worked with other coaches. I learned a lot... but I still wasn’t writing regularly.
Enter Dr. Dominique Chlup. She worked her magic on me from our very first session. Her calm and accepting demeanor showed me that my struggles were normal and not the catastrophic failure I had made them out to be. Then, she gave me new ideas I could implement immediately. Within a few days, I had a daily writing practice. Within weeks, I had a whole new perspective on my story. Whatever psychological roadblocks I hit along the way, Dominique was there with a tool (or two or three) ready to help knock them down—often permanently.
I would recommend Dominique’s coaching to anyone looking for the perfect combination of “expert” and “cheerleader.” She is a true authority on the creative process and knows how to keep a client accountable and growing. But far from being intimidating, she is encouraging, optimistic, and endlessly enthusiastic. This was an ideal mix for me, as I had been disappointed in the past by coaches and instructors who were too lenient or familiar with only a limited number of techniques.
Dominique also has a touch of the ambitious, go-getting attitude that seems to be rare among creativity specialists, who often talk about writing mostly as a means of pure self-expression. She believes her clients have what it takes to achieve big things and doesn’t shy away from discussing the professional aspects of writing. I appreciated this immensely.
Over the months we worked together, Dominique helped me get back into the writing “zone” that had seemed just beyond my reach for years, armed me with new tools, and took my ambitions to the next level. For all this and more, I cannot thank her enough. Her coaching has truly changed my life.
— Kahina Necaise, Freelance Editor & Writer
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“Dominique is much more than a wonderful writing coach! She has a unique ability to zero in on strengths and weaknesses and specifically target her instruction or advice to fit the needs of her clients and/or students. I first met her as a professor and we have transitioned our relationship into a confidant and coach. She has the ability to understand the emotional context behind writing and build you up as a person and a writer. I am much more confident, competent, and creative because of her teaching style. Our last session helped me secure a high level - writing intensive - professional position. I have and will continue to recommend her to anybody who is looking for help with his or her writing.”

— Meghan Hokom Stapleton, PhD student at Texas A&M University

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“As a writer, I was struggling to prioritize my writing time over other aspects of my job, such as doing agent and editor research and keeping up with writing blogs. Dominique provided me with just the tool I needed to keep track of my writing time and helped me find ways to proceed quickly into writing. She also kept me on track and accountable for my time and work with weekly check-ins. Dominique’s coaching is both motivational and practical; she always listened carefully to my concerns and provided multiple resources to address them. With her support, I met my goal of having six picture book manuscripts ready in time for a major writing conference.”
— Melanie Ellsworth, EdM, Harvard University, Picture Book Author

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“How much could a 1- or 2-hour coaching session possibly accomplish? Not much, right? Wrong.

...I was in the midst of writing my Ph.D. dissertation. No, scratch that. I had just finished a huge analysis task, but still had to write nearly all the dissertation. And several additional non-writing tasks loomed ahead, just as daunting as the first. Unsure where to start, I dabbled, flitting from one task to another. I was floundering—staying busy but going nowhere.

Desperate and scared, I asked Dominique for help organizing my to‑do list.

A gracious analyst: that describes Dominique at our session. She probed for a detailed inventory of my remaining writing and non-writing tasks, and asked questions such as “What would make you feel less anxious?” “What would make you feel you’ve accomplished something?” She helped me create a plan and also an accountability system to keep me on track.

I’m a math person. I know that rate*time equals progress. Dominique convinced me that math is trumped by less tangible factors—community, anxiety, motivation, fear, and momentum.

Dominique Chlup is a rare find: an extremely busy and efficient person who does not make you feel like a lazy inefficient dunce. If you are in a funk with your writing or struggling to regain your creative mojo, a few coaching sessions with Dominique will get you unstuck.”

— Dr. Jennifer Travis, PhD graduate from Texas A&M University