This year promise me you will love. create. madly. deeply. truly. completely...

This year promise me you will love, create, madly, deeply, truly, completely.

Repeat to yourself the wonders of this phrase… 

Inter nos perite amare volumus

Ah, Latin for “We agreed to love each other madly.”

Darling, it’s officially a New Year. 

A New You.

What are you hoping to love, create, madly, deeply, truly, completely this year?

Let’s hold hands as we venture into this New Year together.

Finding the things, people, experiences we are destined to love madly, deeply, truly, completely.

I promise I’ll guide you gently on any new adventure you have waiting for you.

I promise that, if you’re ready, all that you are desiring will show up.

The great love you've been waiting for will arrive.

The book you’ve been dreaming about creating will show itself to you.

The songs worth singing will fill every room you enter.

The poems will pour forth easily and effortlessly.

Those academic articles, the ones you’ve struggled with before, are now writing themselves in your sleep.

The elusive degree you’ve been chasing is getting so much closer to being complete.

The paintings are already masterpieces now ready to be hung with love on the walls that have been waiting to house them.

The new job will blossom and reveal itself arriving on your doorstep in just the right time.

All will be well.

All is well.

So darling…

What wonderful thing have you agreed to love, create, madly, deeply, truly, completely this year?

To love it so much that it bursts forth as your proudest creation yet.

I promise it’s right there waiting to love you madly, deeply, truly, completely back.

You simply need to show up.

Wish big.

Leap and take the risk.

Turning your life upside-down and topsy-turvy is worth it for what you love, madly, deeply, truly, completely.

Really, it’s time now to let go of the old to create something new.

Give the familiar things of years past honorable closure.

Bow to them and graciously send them on their way.

No need to settle at all this year.

Let’s see if you can’t give up the familiar for something better.

Something spectacular.

Something you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

You’re worth it.

Trust me, I know that the best is yet to come. 

For I am here to love you and all that you create this year madly, deeply, truly, completely.

And I am reaching out my hand to hold yours in this new, grand adventure.

Lovingly, take my hand,



P.S.  I’m celebrating my birthday on January 4.  Well, I'm actually celebrating all year long. Yet technically, we only get one day out of the year that is decidedly just about celebrating and honoring us, so if you want to give me a birthday gift this year, my dearest one, write me a love letter in return!