When everything around you is broken...

So what do you do when everything around you is broken?

At first, it’s the little things, the misplaced keys, the phone that gets lost again and again and then suddenly stops working all together.

The computer that keeps crashing.

The car that won’t start.

The email account you accidentally delete.

Everyone’s phone numbers that you just mistakenly erase.

And then it’s the larger things that begin to break…

The golden egg contract that unexpectedly falls through.

The money you needed to get you through to next month isn’t coming after all.

The client that you have been dying to work with suddenly postpones indefinitely.

Not one, not two, but three clients suddenly go MIA.

The book project you’ve been lustily writing dries up.

The canvas on the paint dries and you no longer have the desire to step into your studio space.

The academic writing you’ve been trying to put forth into the world keeps getting rejected again and again.

The students you’ve spent all semester loving write you less than stellar reviews.

The friendships you’ve been trying so hard to cultivate by putting yourself out in an effort of kindness again and again have left you with nothing in return.

The music critic breaks your heart and tells you the songs you’ve spent years perfecting aren’t so perfect after all.

You start to doubt the dream job and wonder if you’ve sold your soul for it.

Tenure seems more out of reach than ever before or has been outright denied to you.

The job you’ve been coveting—the one you’re sure was perfect for you—turns you down.

The great love turns out not to love you back.

The Soulmate Connection ends up being a painful Soulmate Lesson instead.

And you’re left wondering if you’ll ever get your Soulmate Person in this lifetime.

All the glimmers of hope twinkling on the horizon flame out.

So what do you do sweetheart, when everything around you appears to be broken?

When all you seem to be left with is doubt and disbelief.

First, check and see if Mercury is in Retrograde—a time where it appears as if everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

If it can be broken, it’ll break…

You say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, believe the wrong thing, and yes, it all painfully hurts.

 And whether you believe in the alignment of the planet and stars or not…

Things break in life, things don’t end up as we’d originally planned, we get brutally rejected, our worst fears come true, and it sucks. S.U.C.K.S.

Just know that we all have seasons were everything around us breaks.

Everything gets broken for a reason…

Our heart gets shattered into a million pieces.

We get hurt beyond repair.

We see the concrete coming and realize nothing we’ve done so far can prepare us for the splat.

And while it’d be easy for me to say hunker down, crawl back into bed, and never get out…

When everything around you is broken, the truth is, the hard part is over.

It’s when it’s all breaking that it truly hurts us.

When it’s broken…

You can stop pushing the river.

Stop trying to control the outcome.

You can simply let it all be for now.

The keys will get found.

The phone will get fixed.

An even better client will arrive.

The writing will show up.

You’ll wake up one morning dying to create your art again.

The best friend you’ve been kindly putting yourself out there for will magically be on your doorstep.

The dream job will seem dreamy again or else a new, something better job will magically appear.

The Soulmate you’ve been waiting for will show up and want to be with you for this lifetime and the next with no more effort on your part than you simply breathing.

All that you seem to have energetically repelled will be easily and effortlessly drawn to you again.

You’ll be beautifully reminded of the lesson I once learned from a brilliant teacher—it’s the Universe’s very important lesson that there is no such thing as “No.” 

There is only “Yes,” “Not right now,” or “Something better.”

So when everything around you is broken, keep holding out for your "Yeses" and your "Something Betters."

All while getting yourself as still as possible to hear the whispers from the Universe.

I bet you the Universe is whispering to you just how much it loves you…brokenness and all.

So when everything around you is breaking, just about to be broken, or truly broken, trust in your heart it’s all for a reason.

Then listen with love to your Inner Voice, trust in your Higher Self that you’ve been receiving the right messages all along…

Know fully in your heart everything that you need is revealing itself to you.

And just because your path has led you to this—a state of brokenness—it doesn’t mean that you aren’t on the cusp of greatness.

For often, it’s just as everything falls apart, as everything lies around us broken, that our greatest moment arrives.

When you’re clear on what you want and why you want it, that’s when the magic can show up in your life.

Trust me on this one…

Your “Yes” or “Something Better” is on its way… arriving in perfect timing.

I promise.

Holding onto the better days ahead when things are no longer broken,


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