I know this is scary...

I know this is scary...

Waiting for clarity to arrive.

Waiting for the right words to come.

Waiting for the solution to the problem to show up.

Waiting for the perfect moment to say everything you’ve been meaning to say.

Waiting to escape uncertainty.

Waiting for the pain to leave.

Waiting for the plan to materialize.

Waiting for the dissertation defense to be over.

Waiting to hear them ring the bell and call you Dr. for the first time.

Waiting for the test results to come in.

Waiting for the second set of test results to arrive.

Waiting for the year-end business figures to know whether you'll continue to have a business at all.

Waiting for the feedback on the article.

Waiting to know if the grant has been approved.

Waiting for the callback.

Waiting for the phone to ring, the text to show up, the email to be in your inbox.

Waiting for the audition notes to appear.

Waiting for the reviews.

Waiting for the results from the job interview.

Waiting for the grade on your final paper.

Waiting for your broken heart to mend.

Waiting to begin to heal.

Waiting for normalcy to begin again.

Waiting for love to conquer it all.

Waiting to know if you got it right.

Got it wrong.

Never got it at all.




How are you ever supposed to create in the face of all of this waiting?

And I know it feels like the fear is going to eat you up inside.

One minute it feels just fine.

And then in the next, you’re consumed.

Wondering how you’re ever going to get past this.

How you’re ever going to get to that life you’ve been wanting to live.

Oh dear, my love, who invented this thing called waiting?

So just know in this giant waiting room called life, I’m right here waiting alongside of you.

That pressure, that small gentle touch you feel, that’s me slipping my hand into yours.

And whatever may come our way, we are in it together.

Whatever you are waiting for…

Whatever you are facing today that is making fear loom large and you feel small.

When you're hurting...

Just know I’m sending you love in this moment and always.

And for when the news is less than perfect.

When everything feels like it is going wrong.

When your life is less than ideal.

When you feel like you’re dying inside.

Just know I’m opening up a space wide enough for you to live in my heart always…

You should know there is always more than enough room.

And I’m right here waiting with you.


Waiting patiently my love,


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