An Open Love Letter to My Beautiful List

So this is it…

Here is our beginning.

The website is officially launched. 

The first of my lovely, perfect, subscribers are on my list <thank you!>  

My company’s trademark is getting registered.

I’ve officially let my University know about my plans post my leave of absence. (Wow! This one is a biggee—expect a post about this soon!)

I’m officially in business as a creative entrepreneur, workshop speaker, creativity, and writing coach.

Some of you have been waiting patiently for months for today…please know…I have been waiting for years…

Yes, I chose 11/1 @ 11:11 p.m. (for the creative magic of those numbers!) quite purposefully as the date and time to launch my first blog post.

And now here it is—this is the first shared blog post of Inspiring the Creative Within®, LLC.

The communication between you and I will become regular, which for me, means our hearts are now beating in tandem.

And here’s the thing as I ready all of these beautiful creations that I have been working so hard to put out into the Universe, all I can think about is LOVE. 

I have spent the day thinking about LOVE, reading about love, meditating on love, and sending out love to everyone in the Universe. 

How could I not?

The support I have gotten from all of you in the months leading up to this basically unofficial, official launch has been nothing short of pure love.

And so I wanted to share this poem with this group as a way to honor our official beginning and to celebrate love in all the beautiful ways it is showing up in our lives today.

I wrote this poem 11 years ago. 

And during this past January, as the days of my leave of absence from my University teaching job became official and the reality that I was moving into my coaching work full-time settled around me like faith kept in the dark, I went in search of this poem.

At the time, I’d had to hunt around for it, but now that poem has stayed by my elbow for the past 11 months. 

I never put it away, reading it every single day (sometimes multiple times a day), and it’s energy has been flaming my work ever since. 

It has been calling all of you into my life.

Still the world trembles

From the first time I said to you, “I love you.”

Now I tremble

as those words continue to fall.

Falling like a heavy rain

only you too far away to hear it.

Even when they thunder across the sky,

I am alone with nothing but the sound

of those words filling my mouth, my tongue, my lips.

I drink those words

for in them is our origin.

Like a name, like a call, like an affirmation

they are what was once our beginning.

I take the words and move through them

tasting them again for the first time.

And suddenly you are there in the words,

and the words are there in you.

I utter that I am, that you are, and you approach in silence.

So here’s to our beautiful beginning.

And know that I personally read every single one of my emails and comments, so I’d love to hear from you. 

Write me back as quickly as you can to tell me what exciting adventure is bringing creative joy and love into your life. 

And if you are one of the most beautiful creatures ever, who found me magically and signed up for my list without knowing me personally, then definitely get in touch with a warm hello. 

I want to welcome you personally, and say “thanks!” for being on this journey with me.

Plus, everyone who takes the time to respond will receive a special gift from me in return!

As always, I am grateful, and I’m sending LOVE… I’m always sending LOVE.