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Be honest.

Does this sound familiar?

“Where did my life go? How have I still not accomplished what I set out to do?”

“Please tell me this isn’t my existence.”

“I’ll get to it tomorrow...but I said that yesterday.”

They say there’s a new midlife crisis where our happiness is bottoming out.

We look hugely successful to the outside world. We have every reason to be happy. Yet, on the inside, we feel like we aren’t reaching our full potential.

It happens most to the strivers, the high achievers, the CEOs, the members of the Multiple Degree Club.

We wake up one day—and then every 3 a.m. thereafter—in a panic wondering, “Is this all there is to my life?”

“Time’s running out to have the life I dreamt of having. Didn’t I used to be creative?”

“I don’t have time for anything anymore. I’m overwhelmed and stretched.”

“What will my legacy be: ‘I hustled hard?’ ”

Good news: there’s more to your life than that.

I’ll help you find it.


Clients call on me when:

+They’re ready to trade burnout for balance.

+They want to embrace stability over chaos and go from frenzied thoughts to focused clarity.

+They want to get out of their paralyzing mental loop and start taking inspired actions.

+They’ve just been through or are contemplating a significant life change.

+They’re tired of not meeting the goals they set for themselves.

+They’re doubting themselves and know they need support.

With me as your coach, everything gets a whole lot easier.

You want your life to feel different. You know your time and energy are running low. You need someone to give you insight. we’ll get you pursuing your dreams with healthy new mental habits, happiness, and newfound confidence.

together, let’s change things.  

Client Organizations

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I would recommend Dominique’s coaching to anyone looking for the perfect combination of “expert” and “cheerleader.” She is a true authority on the creative process and knows how to keep a client accountable and growing. But far from being intimidating, she is encouraging, optimistic, and endlessly enthusiastic. This was an ideal mix for me, as I had been disappointed in the past by coaches and instructors who were too lenient or familiar with only a limited number of techniques.
— Kahina Necaise, Freelance Editor & Writer

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I had always felt like a failure or an academic imposter before I started working with Dominique. All of that has changed now because she counseled me to change that vision of myself and to rework my internal dialogue. ...Dominique is an amazing spirit who truly cares about all of her clients and is attentive and responsive with all of her correspondence. She is inspiring, and I am grateful for the time spent together. You will not regret working with Dominique.
— Dr. Amanda Soto, Assistant Professor of Music Education, Texas State University

I had the privilege and honor to work with the amazing Dominique Chlup ....She was just as she seems here, friendly, professional, and wowzers her brilliance and intelligence was astounding. I highly suggest using her if you need to be trained and coached...”
— Belinda Ginter, Success Mindset Expert, Certified Emotional Kinesiologist