Inspiring the Creative Within™, LLC Mission Statements

The Short Version

  • To inspire, support, and encourage creativity and artistic ways of knowing within academics, artists, writers (all genres), and all types of creatives.

The Long Version

  • Inspire academics, artists, writers, and creative types.
  • Support others in meeting their long held unmet dreams (e.g., finishing the book, getting tenure, writing the dissertation, painting the masterpieces, performing on stage, creating a life worth living.)
  • Encourage others to be curious, passionate, and to risk producing new knowledge through artistic, creative ways of knowing.
  • Unblock creativity.
  • Provide the space for breakthroughs.
  • Serve others well by doing work that matters.
  • Work smarter, not harder and help others to use their creative abilities to do the same.
  • Alleviate the suffering that comes from not creating.
  • Assist others to recover their creativity.
  • Share the best of what I know.
  • Create products and services that positively change lives.
  • Ignite a spark.
  • Be a company (coaching professional) worth telling your best friend about.
  • Create smiles and loving kindness every day.
  • Embrace creativity every day. 
  • Coach others to embrace their own creativity every day.
  • Never, never, never give up!