Benefits of Working with Me:

PERSONAL BENEFITS:  You learn the strategies you need to feel truly in touch with your creativity and to create regularly while gaining confidence and increasing self-esteem and self worth. You will also develop the necessary skills to become successful in all aspects of your creative pursuits by being provided the accountability you need to build regular stress-free habits of creating. 

MENTAL BENEFITS:  You feel assisted in your creative recovery.  You experience a sense of freedom from your isolation and a sense of being freed from the constraints of not creating deeply or regularly enough.  Through regular sessions, you learn how to create daily,  reduce stress,  learn how to focus and improve concentration,  increase a sense of mindfulness,  and gain a positive attitude toward yourself and your projects. 

PROFESSIONAL BENEFITS:  You gain the skills to complete your projects in a timely, stress-free fashion.  Articles for tenure are produced.  Grant applications are submitted.  Tenure is earned easily and effortlessly. Dissertations get turned in early.  Paintings are selected for Gallery Shows.  Nightly standing ovations occur. Novels get written. Brilliant copy gets produced. Winning awards becomes common.