About Dominique



If you're like most of my clients, you're already a driven, accomplished, high-achiever. You're looking to outperform and see results. You want to be flourishing in all areas of your life. 

Dr. Dominique T. Chlup is an award-winning, tenured University faculty member, who finally figured out what she wanted to do when she grew up.  She now spends her time as a Certified Creativity and Life coach. Basically, she helps people turn their ideas into words and thoughts into actions.

She’s a former professor of Adult Education who specialized in researching writing and literacy development and became a renowned expert for her research on women and education in prisons.  After spending years of her spare time coaching her colleagues and students to help them become great at what they do, she founded the coaching and consulting company Inspiring the Creative Within®, LLC. She chose “an income-generating path with a heart.”  Her 6-word bio reads: “Put on planet Earth to COACH.” 

She completed the ICF accredited ACTP Business, Life, and Executive Coach Training program through the Envision Global Leadership at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level. There are only 6,000 other coaches credentialed at such a peak performance level. Additionally, she's certified by the Creativity Coaching Association as a creativity coach (that’s life coaching for artists and creative types). 

In her work with clients, Dominique shares everything she knows, including the powers of her genius IQ, her kindness superpowers, and all the education that comes with having five Ivy League degrees behind her name.  She received from Harvard University her Doctorate in Education, specializing in Learning and Teaching with an emphasis on Human Development and Psychology. Additionally, she has two Master’s degrees (why have one when you can have two!). She earned her Master’s in Education from Harvard University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence. Her undergraduate degrees are in English and History from Columbia University.  She is the author/co-author of over $6.7 million in funded grant projects and has authored/co-authored over 220 publications and presentations all written one word at a time.