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What she does best: She takes you from BLOCKED to BREAKTHROUGH teaching you the Art of Stress-free Creating!

Dr. Dominique Chlup is a Professional Creativity, Copy & Writing Coach, Artist, Writer, Speaker, Workshop Leader. For twelve years she worked as a tenured award-winning University Associate Professor at a research one institution.  She has now figured out what she wants to do when she grows up and is the President, CEO, and Chief Creative Officer of Inspiring the Creative Within®,  LLC.   She writes, consults, speaks, coaches, and leads workshops all designed for  inspiring the creative within®.  Her mission is to inspire, support, and encourage breakthrough creativity for academics (faculty members and graduate students), artists, writers (all genres), and all types of creatives.  We often dream of creating and creating well, but for too many of us, that dream remains unfilled.  We may create, but we fear we are not creating deeply enough, well enough, or often enough. We have lost the connection to our creativity.

Through her coaching packages and workshop offerings, Dominique invites clients and workshop participants to think hard, feel deeply, dream big, create well, and frankly, be outstanding! 

Dominique began her own journey to restore her creative self eleven years ago.  She felt the daily shrinking of her soul as she let projects build up and go unfinished.  For her, it was not getting her academic writing done or finding the time for her creative writing and art making. She experienced, firsthand, the stress of not creating, along with the daily stomach wrenching as she let her desires to express her creativity fall by the wayside. She often asked, "Didn't I used to use my creativity? Where did my creativity go? When did it get so hard?"  She knew there had to be an easier, stress-free (or at least less stressful!) way.  And once she began her journey of creative recovery (aren't we all recovering from something?), she knew she could help others to do the same.

She works with clients to help them identify where they are in their creative process, recognize the anxieties associated with creating, and offer appropriate solutions for overcoming obstacles such as creative blocks, resistance, procrastination, paralysis, perfectionism, postponing, distractions, self-sabotage, excessive criticism, overscheduling, and endlessly delaying one’s creative pursuits.

Are you failing to create deeply and enjoyably? Do you wonder where your creativity has gone? Are you looking to breakthrough and rekindle the flame after a long stretch of dark days and dry spells? Are you an academic who is struggling in your academic journey?  Do you need help getting tenured? Writing for academic publication? Obtaining external grants? Are you a graduate student dying to finish your dissertation and finally graduate?  Are you an artist longing to find the time to create?  Do you know you have a book inside of you, but it is yet to be written? Was there a time in your life where you felt infinitely more creative? Are you looking to get back there? Does any of this sound like you? Just know you're in the right place, and Dominique can help you!

Dominique helps her clients achieve greater productivity, engagement, meaning, and purpose in their lives.  

As a creativity and writing coach, her desire is to help you create and create well. As Joseph Campbell once proclaimed, "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned...so as to have the live that is waiting for us."  

Her strength is to work with clients inspiring them to recover their creativity and move forward in their creative pursuits. What she does best: She takes you from blocked to breakthrough teaching you the art of stress-free creating! She takes you from feeling like your work is "Impossible" to realizing "I'm possible." And she'll move you from thinking your work is going "Nowhere" to recognizing your work is "Now Here!"

She is currently taking one-on-one clients and is available to offer her award winning workshops.  Fill out the "Contact Me" form,  being sure to type her a message if you are interested in her one-on-one coaching packages or scheduling a workshop for your institution.  


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A few fun facts:

*She is Ivy League educated with Double Degrees from Columbia University.  She has a BA in English and a BA in History.

*She has a Masters in Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence.  Her visual arts training is in printmaking. She now experiments in mixed media, book art, and art journaling.

*She is Harvard trained. She has two degrees from Harvard University -- a Masters in Education (yes, she has two Master's degrees!) and her Doctorate is in Teaching and Learning with a special emphasis on Human Development and Psychology.

*She has studied with a veritable array of luminaries, including Howard Gardner (the creator of the theory of Multiple Intelligences--he was her Master's Adviser at Harvard); Jamaica Kincaid (award winning essayist and novelist--one of her professors at Harvard); Kris Phillips (printmaking artist--a professor of hers at Sarah Lawrence); Kenneth Koch (poet and inductee of the American Academy of Arts and Letters--Koch encouraged her to attend Harvard for her Doctorate and ultimately recommended she become a professor); Joan Silber (best selling author and Dominique's Master's Adviser at Sarah Lawrence); Myra Goldberg (author--one of her professors at Sarah Lawrence); Bob Kegan (William and Miriam Meehan Professor in Adult Learning and Professional Development at Harvard Graduate School of Education--he helped instill in her a deep love of all things related to adult development and adult learning); Eric Maisel (Author and Founder of the field of Creativity Coaching--Dominique trained with him for the first year of her Creativity Coaching certification program). 

*She graduated with her double majors from Columbia University in an efficient 2 years and 9 months.

*She graduated with her Doctorate from Harvard University in a super speedy 3 years and 9 months. Yes, she's driven and ambitious and a high achiever, and if you want, she can coach you how to be those things too!  But she's also fun loving, generous, artistic, poetic, creative, and very kind, which helps to temper (gracefully) her type A+ personality!

*For 12 years, she was a tenured Associate Professor of Adult Education at Texas A&M University.  She was appointed as a tenure-track professor by the time she was 30 years old.  And she was simultaneously appointed a University Center Director, running the Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning (TCALL), one of the largest literacy resource centers in the country.  Due to client demand and need, she is currently focusing full-time on Inspiring the Creative Within®,  LLC.

*She is the author/co-author on over $6.7 million in funded grant projects. 

*She has authored/co-authored over 200 publications and presentations, each of them written one word at a time.

*She is a certified Creativity Coach through the Creativity Coaching Association.