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Hello and Welcome home!  You’re in the right place.  I’m so glad we’ve found each other.

I'm Dr. Dominique T. Chlup, an Artist, Writer, Creative Entrepreneur, and a tenured University professor turned Professional Creativity & Life Coach.  

I am known for inspiring breakthrough creativity and providing the inspiration people need to get past their emotional blockages to create deeply and regularly. 

I help clients recover their creativity and overcome their creative blocks, including years of resistance, procrastination, perfectionist tendencies, excessive self-criticism, paralysis, and endlessly delaying their creative pursuits to finally get down to the art of stress-free creating.

And I do all of this using my genius-like creativity prowess, a handful of Ivy League Degrees, including undergraduate degrees in English and History from Columbia University, a MFA in Fiction Writing from Sarah Lawrence, Master's and Doctorate Degrees from Harvard University, over 15 years of expertise in adult learning and human development and psychology, twenty plus years spent teaching others how to write, four years of training as a creativity coach, and perhaps, most importantly, my kindness superpowers. 

I'll get you to combat (finally!) what's blocking you, and allow you to discover new, exciting, and different ways to begin showing up in your own life. 

I'll provide you with the tools, techniques, resources, accountability, and supportive care you need to move from blocked to breakthrough.

Because you need to know...

I get it. I get you!

You’re sick and tired of the whole I’m not making any meaningful progress.

Thinking where did my creative spark go?  

Didn't I used to be creative?  

What happened to my inner creative?  

Why haven’t I gotten anything done today or yesterday or maybe it has been months?

Anyone willing to admit to themselves it has been years? 

You know you woke up this morning vowing today would be different. 

Today, I’m going to write (not just think about writing.)  

Today, I’m going to paint (not just clean and reorganize the studio.)  

Today, I'm going to prepare for that audition (not just dream about doing it.) 

Today, I'm going to finally get back to revising and resubmitting that article (not just keep reading more and more literature.)  

Today, I'm going to tap into my creativity and get down to the art of doing it.  Whatever it is.

Today, I’m going to create.  Something.  Anything.  Today, I’ll have my breakthrough.

You're shaking your head yes to this! 

But you know that as soon as you’re done reading this, you’ll get sucked right back into the abyss of social media, checking your Facebook status, re-tweeting your favorite posts, building a Pinterest board, Instragramming the cup of coffee you drank this morning.  

Or you'll distract yourself answering mind-numbing amounts of email.

Or going to yet another round of worthless meetings.

All in all, keeping yourself endlessly distracted and busy beyond words. 

You vow you'll check your inbox just one more time before you get to the work that truly matters, and suddenly, a "crisis" has appeared.

Ten rounds of exchanges later, you look up, and it has been two hours.


Your time for creating—gone.

And by the end of the night, you've numbed out (yet again!) decompressing on too much TV to avoid the stressful, emotional flatlining of not getting to the true work of the day.

You know that feeling you get when you're endlessly procrastinating and not creating. 

That feeling you get during the dark days and the driest of spells when your creativity remains out of reach. 

The day is over, and you’re exhausted, deflated, unmotivated, blocked, and you still haven’t gotten a single worthwhile thing done.

I know. I get it. 

I’ve been there.

Life doesn't have to be this way.

Let's change that.

As always, inspiring the creative within,